The Bird

MB900133513In the middle of the day as a light breeze blew, a bird was eating honey from the flower on a tree.  The bird was black, blue and white and it had a short, black beak.  Suddenly when he was about to eat the honey, he heard a thump and felt the tree beginning to fall.  He quickly flew out of the tree and then he looked down and there was his nest lying broken on the dull ground.  He was glad that he got enough honey to eat before he began his search for a new home.

Jayden, aged 9, 6.11.13.



Filed under Short Story

2 responses to “The Bird

  1. Well done Jayden. I love this story. What’s next?

  2. lynettefinch

    Well done Jayden. That’s a great first story. What’s next?

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