The Sheep Robber

Pink SheepThis morning I left Ethel Windmark’s house at 100 Woodleaf Court, Leafy Gully and set out for a life of crime in the forest that grows thick and dark in the gully.  I am a strong, energetic, angry sheep and my name is not Vivian, even if old Ethel tells her friends that it is, and I am never going to forgive her for dyeing my fleecy wool a horrible bright pink.  No sooner had I reached the first row of giant eucalypts when I saw a large spotted cat who mistook me for food.  We became a great crime team, making midnight raids on the local residents, rattling their bins, stealing sausages and growling (and bleating) all night long.  A life of crime has worked out perfectly for me.

The Tutor’s answer to the duelling story (see Stealing Lollies)

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