A Girl is Hurt – Dionara (aged 6)

Girl WalkingThe girl was pretty.  She walked along the footpath.  Someone she didn’t know was behind her riding a bike.  They ran into her and she ended up in the hospital.  She wasn’t happy.

Dionara (aged 6)

We encourage students to use their imagination to tell stories and transfer them to words on a page.  Children want to tell stories verbally and some do so wonderfully.  As adults we all know of the young child who comes running up to you out of breath with enthusiasm to tell you about the new puppy down the road.

The process of story telling is complicated when a child goes to school and learns the new communication pathway of writing.  There are things to do with your hands and fingers to guide the pencil across the paper; you have to think about forming the new letters into the words that you can say so easily; you have to try to remember what it was you were saying and it all gets muddled up.  It is not easy being a six year old trying to tell a story.

Learning is a stepping stone process and every step should be observed with encouragement and enthusiasm.  Stumbles and falls will always occur and should be guided by your helping hand to dust off and set right again.  It is a lifelong process that begins with you, the parent.

I love this little story by Dionara, aged 6.

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