The Battle Ship – Angus (aged 8)

SailorOne Autumn there was a battle ship in the Atlantic  Ocean.  It was a black and red and white.  It sailed around doing nothing.  Inside the battle ship the sailors were happy.  There were dugongs swimming around the battle ship.

 Angus, aged 8

Learning to write, particularly for boys, can be a daunting task as they would prefer to not be embarrassed by criticisms of their words.  You see, children are rarely embarrassed by what they say or write.  What embarrasses them are the words we, as adults, say about what they have said or written.  A misplaced laugh or thoughtless “Don’t be silly” comment may have a ripple effect on a young mind that carries through life.  The above short story was encouraged to grow from “A ship sailed on the ocean.”  Isn’t it marvellous what emerges with guidance and encouragement?

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  1. dianalangley

    Thank you, Angus! Your story made me feel happy!

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