The Octopus – by Jacko (Aged 10)

OctopusLate one creepy night at the very bottom of the Pacific Ocean lived an old, slimy octopus. He was weird, feared by all, looked hurt and ugly, and his eyes shone bright red. His tentacles were short and yellow. He smelt like a rotten fish and the carcass of a frog. The octopus was sick and tired of being feared and he wanted it to stop. He wanted to have friends and be liked and so he called an ocean meeting to discuss his loneliness. Later that creepy night stood an unhappy and lonely octopus as he realized that no animal out of the entire Pacific Ocean had come to the meeting.
Jacko (Aged 10)

This is a very sad, rather funny story, about a lonely octopus. Note that Jack has used a simile as he describes the way that the poor old fellow smelt.

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