The man who beat the world record – Robby (aged 12)

LamborghiniBack in the 1990’s, a man drove a yellow Lamborghini all around the world to beat a world record.  The young man, who wore a yellow beany, was a millionaire because he won the lottery.

Starting at Townsville, he drove to Cape York, then went north to Russia on a private ferry which crossed the Arafura Sea, the Banda Sea, the Celebes Sea, the South China Sea, the Philippine Sea and Sea of Okhotsk.  The stop at Okhotsk ferry station was where he drove back onto land before going through Russia to Finland in his yellow Lamborghini on the bumpy roads to beat the world record.  The man, back in the 1990’s, broke the world record and destroyed the yellow Lamborghini.

Robby (aged 12)

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