Yang and the soldiers – Arun (aged 8)

Kung FuOnce in 1911 there was Puyi who was a strong emperor and he had a powerful guard in China.  The head guard was Yang and every morning he checked that Puyi was sleeping peacefully in his big, wooden bed.  One day Yang called “Emperor Puyi!  Emperor Puyi!  Our enemy is attacking and he has broken our biggest walls”.  Soon the air was thick with arrows as the attacking soldiers rushed into the Imperial Castle and poor Yang found himself fighting for the life of his emperor but Yang didn’t like his job, he wanted to be emperor.  Yang lost the battle and the enemy killed Puyi but Yang also won because he took the place of the emperor and he was sad that Puyi died but now he had a very, very important job to do and that job was to rule the kingdom.

By Arun (aged 8)

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