“A Day in the Life of Annie” by Ella (aged 10)

ship-stormIn the rusty old ship where the poor old convicts were kept, was the worst journey I was in.  My name is Annie and I had stolen a loaf of bread and two buttons but back then I was living on the street because my ma and pa had passed away.  As the ship swayed side to side I saw my friend was paralysed in fear when The Lady Penhryn tore apart like a horrible tsunami.  I grabbed wood to use as a float.  As we were stranded in the sea a tiny spec grew larger and larger so I realised we were going to be alright.

Ella (aged 10)

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One response to ““A Day in the Life of Annie” by Ella (aged 10)

  1. Wow. I really enjoyed the opening of this story line. It’s already got me captivated and I wanted to know how I can flip the page to read more. Will this turn into a movie someday? Good work to the little author.

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