“The Cassowary Feather” by Taj (aged 8)

cassowaryWhen the pigs were in their sty playing in the mud they found a cassowary feather and one pig ate it and suddenly forty-nine more feathers fell on them and forty-nine pigs ate one each and all turned into humans.

They travelled around the whole world telling everyone to eat cassowary feathers but no-one believed them.  One day a kid ate a feather but he turned into a pig and his mother put the story on the TV to warn everyone that eating feathers would turn humans into pigs.

The story went everywhere so all the people knew but everyone in the world ate a feather until the fifty pigs were the only humans in the whole world.  The whole world was covered in mud from all the pigs and the pigs that had turned into humans didn’t like it.

Taj (aged 8)


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2 responses to ““The Cassowary Feather” by Taj (aged 8)

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  2. Di Holmes (Nan)

    What a wonderful story Taj, I am so proud of you. Your Nana

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