Other Tuition Services

Weight Loss

Logo with wordsXtraMile Tuition Strategies offer tuition/coaching for adults who want to lose weight.  Weight loss and changing lifestyles requires;

  • Changing your diet;
  • Changing the way you do things; and
  • Changing the way you think

All the above is a process of learning, just as maths requires a process of learning.  You may receive coaching in weight loss through XtraMile Weight Loss.


Small Business Start-Up for Personal Trainers

FitBusinessYou’ve completed your Certificate III and Certificate IV in in Fitness and are about to undertake the next exciting step in your life by starting up your fitness business.  The only trouble is, you didn’t receive any business training during your Cert. III anf IV studies.

XtraMile Tuition Strategies, with FitBusiness, have developed an on-line business start-up course to assist you with your next step.

This 12 Weeks on-line (mentored) course is designed to take you from start-up chaos to small business profit. – Small Business Development Course – FitBusiness