On Line Multiplication Tables Game

Click on this link to take you to the on-line multiplication game 

Multiplication Tables (PDF) to download and practise on.

Year 3 Worksheets for Multiplication tables

(2.5) How many groups

(2.6) Use Repeated Addition

2 Times Table

3 Times Table

5 Times Table

By the end of Year 3 Students should also know the ten times table (but very few experience difficulty with this)

Year 4 Work Sheets – Students should know these multiplication tables by the end of Year 4.  They will be practising them throughout the year

4 Times Table

6 Times Table

7 Times Table

8 Times Table

9 Times Table

Revision Sheets For Multiplication tables

Multiplication Table Revision All (How well do you know your tables?)

Multiplication Table – Essentials (After viewing the “Multiplication Table Explained” video you can download the PDF of the essentials to practise on)

Square Numbers Times Table

Multiplication Tables Complete (Download all the above files in one download)

Understanding Multiplication Tables for Older Students

Maths – Fractions (You Tube PowerPoint Lesson)

Fractions may be a bit difficult to understand at time.  This 12 minute video may assist with your studies.

Understanding Fractions


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