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“Ninja Cat” by Georgia (aged 7)

ninja-catLong ago Ninja Cat lived in a big trash can in the middle of a sunny day but at night she went out to fight.  She was a maroon cat in a little black suit who loved to do ninja stuff and when she grew up her dreams came true.  She had a call from a little girl who was stuck in a house that was falling down.  Ninja Cat got there in a dash and flew in the air and grabbed the little girl.  Ninja Cat sometimes missed her old trash can but not that day.

Georgie (aged 7)

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Tuition Tip – Let The Things Before School Be Play

Baby ReadingAre there things you can do to help your prodigy to become a person who thirsts for knowledge?

Lately I have been reading a book, “Proust and the Squid’ by Maryanne Wolf which addresses this question.  I would like to share some information with you.

THOUGHTS FROM THE BOOK – Reading and Learning

“The more children are spoken to, the more they will understand oral language.  The more children are read to the more they understand all the language around them, and the more developed their vocabulary becomes.”

“… many efforts to teach a child to read before four or five years of age are biologically precipitate and potentially counterproductive for many children.”  The reason for this is the myelin sheath (fatty coating around nerves to help electrical information to flow) in the angular gyrus (that part of the brain related to language, number processing, spatial cognition, memory and attention) is not sufficiently developed until five to seven years of age.  It develops in all children at different rates and in girls faster than boys.

Sometimes your five year old is just not ready for school and your young lad may not be ready until seven years of age.  By that time they are in year two or three and maybe well behind at school.  It is not that they cannot learn, it is just their brain was not ready for them to learn.  They can catch up, but by this time they may need some assistance.

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