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“Lion” by Dardo (aged 9)

lion-tamerOn the day the circus came to Bundaberg Fred Fredrickson was training to be an electrician when he saw the poster of someone training a lion.

As he was a very brave man, he decided he wanted to have that job so he went to the circus and asked if he could be a lion tamer too. They said “Yes, but you have to train for a long time because you have to be ready for anything the lion would do, like try to bite you.”

Next month, Fred amazed everyone by riding the biggest, the baddest, and the bravest lion ever. On the day the circus left Bundaberg, Fred went with them.

Dardo (aged 9) 

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“The Red Belly Black” by Alex W (aged 8)

red-bellied-blackYesterday in the spooky forest, the snake catcher tried to catch the giant Red Belly Black but it bit him. He shrank to the ground and slithered into the bush. Now that he was a snake he was very happy because he never had to do his job ever again. Now that he was a snake he could bit his family so they could become snakes too and they wouldn’t accidentally kill him. Yesterday the snake catcher caught a great new life.

Alex W (aged 8)

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“The Chinese Warship” by Angus (aged 11)

ship-battleOne night a Chinese war ship was in the South China Sea when suddenly an Indian War ship appeared. The Chinese war ship had big guns on the front and back. The Chinese war ship fired first and the Indian war ship retaliated. The Indian war ship then turned around and left because it was supper time. That night the Indian crew ate chicken in Sumatra.

 Angus (aged 11)

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“Framed” by Emlyn (aged 11)

hot-springsIt was Friday, October 21, 2016 when two youthful men who were happily relaxing in the depths of the bubbling basalt-lava rock pools in Hilo in the Big Island of Hawaii, heard gunshots.  Sib, who was raised in New Orleans, and Oliver, a famous Russian boxer, soon found themselves in colossal trouble when they were thrown into a truck heading off to jail.   Five minutes into their journey, on the edge of a steep cliff, the back wheels were shot, a bomb blew the rear doors off the truck and they were hauled out of captivity by two mysterious men.  The strangers took them to a cave inside the volcano because they thought they were rescuing the people shooting at the rock pools.  Sib and Oliver wondered if they could get out alive.

Emlyn (aged 11)

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“Night Fighter and the Attack of the T-Rex” by Alex (aged 8)

t-rexJack was happily in his secret basement on Monday morning.  Jack’s superhero name was Night Fighter and he was cooking breakfast until … beep! beep! Beep! … “Oh No!” the city was in trouble.  Night Fighter suited up and flew to the city to see his old enemy called Death Shot had escaped.  Night Fighter put his knockout darts in his gun and waited until he saw the T-Rex looking straight at him.  Suddenly he wished he had stayed at home in his secret basement.

Alex G (aged 8)

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“Ninja Cat” by Georgia (aged 7)

ninja-catLong ago Ninja Cat lived in a big trash can in the middle of a sunny day but at night she went out to fight.  She was a maroon cat in a little black suit who loved to do ninja stuff and when she grew up her dreams came true.  She had a call from a little girl who was stuck in a house that was falling down.  Ninja Cat got there in a dash and flew in the air and grabbed the little girl.  Ninja Cat sometimes missed her old trash can but not that day.

Georgie (aged 7)

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“Blood Eater” by Ari (aged 8)

dragonLong ago Blood-eater was a dragon who lived on an island that was surrounded by monsters and volcanoes that spewed out lava.  Blood-eater was a green villain who sucked blood from superheros.  He saw police on his island and got scared but he remembered he could suck blood out of the police.  Then the police shot the bullets that makes dragons good and he hugged the police.  Blood-eater went back home to his island of monsters and waited until the good bullets wore off.

Ari (aged 8)

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“C” is for Copy Book

writingThe downside to the information age is the decrease in fine motor skills used for writing.

This is a problem I am seeing more often as laptops and tablets replace the use of pad and pen.  An increasing number of students are unable to form legible letters of the alphabet or write numbers clearly enough so they may read them thirty seconds later.

Some students going into Year 8 are incapable of writing between the lines of a paper or forming numbers within the squares of a quad ruled page.  Students in Year 5 are unable to produce or read their name in cursive script.  These students are struggling with the fine motor skills required to help them to learn.

I have recently finished reading an article by Maria Konnikova, “What’s Lost as Handwriting Fades?”, which suggests evidence is emerging of a greater link between handwriting and learning.  It appears children learn to read more quickly when they first learn to write by hand.

Learning is a complicated process.  When we reproduce letters, or anything else, by hand a plan is required before executing the action.  The end result is highly variable in that it will not exactly represent the original.  Learning to identify variable representations is important to decoding letters when reading.

The research by Virginia Berninger, a psychologist at University of Washington, indicated that when a child who composed text by hand (either printing or cursive) “They not only consistently produced more words more quickly than they did on the keyboard, but expressed more ideas.”

There is also a suggestion of different neuro-pathways being developed in the brain when a child progresses on from printing to cursive writing.

Research at the University of California has reported laboratory and real-world studies of students learning better when they take notes by hand than when they type on a keyboard.

I ask you “Is it time to throw away the pen and paper and adopt the technology of the keyboard?”  Was it time to give up walking when we invented the car?

My suggestion to help build a better student is to continue to use the old fashioned copy book so your student may practise and learn to form letters and numbers.  Encourage them to practise twenty minutes a day until they are proficient with writing the printed word.  Allow this to develop into the practice of cursive writing so they may be able to record classroom notes in secondary school, lecture notes at university or record the minutes of a business meeting.



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Yang and the soldiers – Arun (aged 8)

Kung FuOnce in 1911 there was Puyi who was a strong emperor and he had a powerful guard in China.  The head guard was Yang and every morning he checked that Puyi was sleeping peacefully in his big, wooden bed.  One day Yang called “Emperor Puyi!  Emperor Puyi!  Our enemy is attacking and he has broken our biggest walls”.  Soon the air was thick with arrows as the attacking soldiers rushed into the Imperial Castle and poor Yang found himself fighting for the life of his emperor but Yang didn’t like his job, he wanted to be emperor.  Yang lost the battle and the enemy killed Puyi but Yang also won because he took the place of the emperor and he was sad that Puyi died but now he had a very, very important job to do and that job was to rule the kingdom.

By Arun (aged 8)

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