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“The Fight” by Abbie (aged 12)

GladiatorOn a rainy, cold winter morning in Dublin, Alex and Fiona watched in amazement as everyone around them slowly disappeared into the foggy air.  They heard a loud cheer and clinks and clanks that could be sword fighting and they realised they had somehow been transported into the middle of a gladiator fight.  A big, strong man charged over and forced two golden swords into their hands and told them to fight for their life.  Alex stabbed with his sword at a highly-scarred, fierce gladiator who collapsed with a gasp, and Fiona fought a ferocious lion who bit off her leg.  Suddenly the cheering crowd disappeared into the foggy air and they rushed to the Dublin hospital to save Fiona’s life.

Abbie (aged 12)

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Childrens’ Stories – The Jewels of Mermaid City – Sarah (aged 9)

mermaidIn the morning when it was very cold, Sunday-Sarah, the mermaid, was swimming happily in the blue water deep under the sea.  She had just remembered her evil sister was coming with an army of strong mermaids to take the very powerful jewel from her.  Sunday-Sarah had a plan to shut down Mermaid City to prevent Wilhema-Beth and her group of fighting mermaids from attacking.  Sunday-Sarah pressed the lock down bell so the sharks swam up to the very top where the army gathered.  As Wilhema-Beth went down to get the jewel, she saw sharks, her worst fear.  She led the army away from Mermaid City.

By Sarah (aged 9)

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The Girl and the Dragon – Jemima (aged 8)

Red DragonOne day a little girl was on her computer in her bedroom and then a ROAR was coming from the cave under her house.  She went to the cave under her bedroom and she saw some flames.  Putting one foot and another foot forward, she saw a dragon that was all red and orange.  The girl became friends with the dragon and gave him a lollipop and the dragon gave her a star.  That day the little girl went to her bed room with her nice pretty star.

by Jemima (aged 8)

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Green Land – Steffi (aged 10)

GreenOnce there was a land that was so green even the soil was green.  On that land there were animals of all sorts, even animals that weren’t even in your wildest dreams and-you guessed it – they were green. One day all the green started to disappear and the animals were shocked when they looked at everything and it was grey. They remembered it was night and at night it gets really cold so all the grey animals hurried into their grey beds. The next day everything was back to its normal green.

By Steffi (aged 10)

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