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“Alligator” by Dardo (aged 9)

AlligatorWhen John and Jeff came to the ditch on the way to school, Jeff slipped and hit his head on a stick.  The ten-year-old twins were alike in many ways as both were playful and blonde.  John came down to Jeff to remove the stick from his head when suddenly a vicious alligator burst from the water and chased them up the slope and all the way to school.  The teacher opened the window and through a baton at the alligator and the kids ran into the school room.  The teacher said, “That’s what happens when you’re late for school’.

Dardo (aged 9) 

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“Unicorn Guy” by Emlyn (aged 12)

unicornNow a ragged man in shabby clothes, Daryl, was unlike everyone else because he liked unicorns and loved to put posters of them in his room.  He was intrigued by the world of unicorns and he wanted to show the power of them, until he went bankrupt because he bought a concrete unicorn tiled with bright Fluro colours that was bigger than the Statue of Liberty.  Although he lost everything he owned, had nowhere to live, and only had the unicorn, Darrell was still overjoyed because he found his new home.  He climbed up the unicorn’s mane, swung into the mouth of the statue, and relaxed into the belly of the unicorn.  Now a man in shabby clothes lives in inside a unicorn.

Emlyn (aged 12)

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“The Cassowary Feather” by Taj (aged 8)

cassowaryWhen the pigs were in their sty playing in the mud they found a cassowary feather and one pig ate it and suddenly forty-nine more feathers fell on them and forty-nine pigs ate one each and all turned into humans.

They travelled around the whole world telling everyone to eat cassowary feathers but no-one believed them.  One day a kid ate a feather but he turned into a pig and his mother put the story on the TV to warn everyone that eating feathers would turn humans into pigs.

The story went everywhere so all the people knew but everyone in the world ate a feather until the fifty pigs were the only humans in the whole world.  The whole world was covered in mud from all the pigs and the pigs that had turned into humans didn’t like it.

Taj (aged 8)


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“Lion” by Dardo (aged 9)

lion-tamerOn the day the circus came to Bundaberg Fred Fredrickson was training to be an electrician when he saw the poster of someone training a lion.

As he was a very brave man, he decided he wanted to have that job so he went to the circus and asked if he could be a lion tamer too. They said “Yes, but you have to train for a long time because you have to be ready for anything the lion would do, like try to bite you.”

Next month, Fred amazed everyone by riding the biggest, the baddest, and the bravest lion ever. On the day the circus left Bundaberg, Fred went with them.

Dardo (aged 9) 

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Snowy the Chimp – Alex (aged 8)

Snowy the ChimpOne night Snowy the chimp squeezed through the bars of the metal of his cage at the zoo.  He felt happy because he escaped.  As soon as he got to the forest he was climbing up trees very high so he could eat fruit.  He made his house at the top of the trees.  Snowy the chimp lived in the forest for the rest of his life.

Alex W (aged 8)

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Piper the Piglet – Jemima (aged 9)

Cartoon pig play in mudOne sunny Monday, Piper the piglet jumped to read the newspaper which said that the Pigalimpiks were on today.

She told her family that she was going so she jumped over the fence and ran to the Pigalimpiks, where the first competition was Jump the Turtles; the second was Bunny Racing, the third was Catch the Stick, the fourth was Roll in the Mud and last was Jump Over the Fence.

Her first jump was small, her second was a bit tall and her third was really big so she jumped it and the others were stuck.

She saw the score board and it said: Piper: 1. 10 points; 2. 10 points; 3. 9 points; 4. 10 points, 5. 20 points and she screamed “I won!” and she got a very big trophy so she ran home, jumped the fence and had a big celebration. Piper and her family watched the stars and went to bed with the trophy.

Jemima (aged 9)

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The Wildebeest Who Was Scared of Brush Turkeys – by Geoffrey (aged 10)

WildebeestCousteau the wildebeest was walking in a grassy meadow full of daisies, when he saw a brush turkey. He was confused and scared and he began to shiver while his heart began to pound. The brush turkey walked towards him and Cousteau froze. Then he ran into a hole and became stuck as footsteps came closer and closer. Cousteau remembered the call that would bring his herd towards him and he opened his mouth and bellowed. When they came to help him they were quite unkind about his courage.

Geoffrey (aged 10)

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Amy, the Little Polar Bear – by Jemima (aged 8)

Polar BearOne dark cold winter, a baby polar bear named Amy was born. She had a silvery coat that everyone loved and she had a beautiful flower in her ear. One afternoon the baby polar bear ran away and saw a hunter kill a penguin and she was so scared that she ran back home. The next day she saw the same hunter again and he was going to kill her Mum. The little polar bear Amy bit him so hard that he cried and she saved her mum and they went home.

Jemima (aged 8)

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Fruit People – by Jemima (aged 8)

pera allegraOne morning when all the people had gone to work and school, the fruit people popped out to play.  Little Apple and Little Pear, who everyone thought were not smart, looked and saw a glass they knew not to touch, but they did.  They dropped it and they cried, “How can we fix this glass?”  The Apple and Pear glued it together and the other fruit people said “Sorry, we said you were dumb” and “Thank you for fixing it.”  When the people came home they slept all night.
Jemima (aged 8)

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The Burger Pirate – by Jack (aged 8)

Burger pirateOn a dark, stormy night, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, a pirate ship bobbed up and down.  The ship’s captain’s name was Burger Beard. He was a chef and he knew that he made the best burgers in the world. On really long trips he usually ran out of food so he ate the food from his beard. On that stormy night, he had a good feast form his beard.

Jack (aged 8)

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