Tuition Tip – Write Because It Is Fun

Recently I purchased an electric bicycle after many years of riding a conventional push bike.  I also had some time on my hands and sought out Henry Lawson for some inspiration for a reply as to why I bought an e-bike.  Here is what we came up with:

My solution for "When my knees begin to go"  - An electric bike

My solution for “When my knees begin to go” – An electric bike

When Your Knees Begin To Go

When you doubt that rising road and the gears just don’t seem right,

And the fear of climbing keeps you tossing through the night.

You don’t know how to take it, or whether your mates would care;

Because in the past you were fast; the cyclist with all the flair.

There were no mountains, just long hills with every one to win,

No ride too long, no wind too strong; you took it on the chin.


Of late things have altered and they create a troubled mind

As you start to run out of steam and are being left behind.

I’ve noticed without exception, as no-one escapes this devil’s play

“The gears are wrong”, “The wind is strong”, “Was that a fast kay?”

Coaxing words to lift you from friends that gather around;

Are to no avail, your breath still fails as you give to them more ground.


When laborious legs toil the thoughts of torturous reason

The mind seeks solace of just what might be sports of a lighter season.

Is there a way a cyclist may still ride with the pack;

Or is there a time you will find you just can’t wind it back?

You too will face the passing of the people that you know

When the rides are long, the wind is strong and your knees begin to go.





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