There are times when a student will need tuition (all tuition is done online):

Student 3
  • Lack confidence with school work
  • Become distraught about going to school
  • Struggle with Maths
  • Read without interest or understanding
  • Read through punctuation marks or skip lines completely

 How can you help?

There is a reason for the way your child behaves and sometimes it is because they are sitting in a classroom where they have no idea what is happening.  It isn’t their fault, nor is it your fault, because sometimes it just happens.  The important question is what can be done to bring back the happy enthusiastic student?

Children transform through tuition 

  • Find a tuition service that is professional and effective.  I have over twenty years’ experience training both adults and children and my wife was a senior lecturer in History.  We know the importance of monitoring your child’s progress and supply regular written reports to you on that progress.
  • After school tuition should be anything but another classroom.  Your child has spent six hours at school so tuition should be highly motivational and fun.  We use games, reward ribbons and trophies to keep your child motivated to learn.  They learn to work towards goals.
  • It should be a curriculum-based program designed specifically for your individual child and not a generic one size fits all.  Your child is assessed to establish at what point during their education they lost their way.  We then design the tuition program that takes them from that point of confidence so they may learn at their pace with confidence.

Tuition is not just about catching up.  It is also about helping your child become a confident independent learner.

What is your first step to help your child? 

For Tuition in Ferny Hills, Ferny Grove and Everton Hills in North Brisbane (and surrounding areas, including Samford)

Call Lynette on 0415 049461 to arrange an appointment today.

Tutor and student
Small group tuition, it’s almost one-on-one

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