Are Your Expectations Aligned With The Curriculum?

Year 2

Tuition LogoIf you are a parent with a young student in Australia then chances are you have your mind in a muddle as to education expectations.

Teachers and parents are stressing over what appears to be an ever increasing amount of information being crammed into the school curriculum and the minds of our children.  It now appears keyboards are replacing pencils and paper (that should bring down the expense of education) as students learn to use the tool that enables us to govern the information age.  Is managing the flow of information as important as reading, writing and arithmetic?

In Year 1 students have mastered the numbers up to 100 and skip counting by 2, 5 and 10.  This year sees them progress even further on the number line as they move towards recognising and placing order to the numbers to 1,000, and investigate the number sequences of 2, 3, 5 and 10.  It is this year they explore the connection between subtraction and addition.

By the end of this year they will master reading a clock (analogue and digital) to the quarter hour using the words “to” and “past” appropriately.   They will be able to name the months of the year in the correct order as well as the seasons of the year.  They will be able to use a calendar to find the date and know the number of days to the month.

This is only a small amount that is on the curriculum and only relates to maths as this is the area, as a tutor, I see the most problems.  How can you help your child with their studies?  Do you remember this:

“Thirty days has September, April, June and November,
all the rest have thirty-one days clear,
except February alone which has twenty-eight days
and twenty-nine each leap year.”

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