The Dragon Fly – by Dardo (aged 7)

Dragon FlyAt midnight we met a dragon fly in a gum tree.  He could turn people into  ants.  He was a mean dragon fly who took over their kingdoms.  He moved in an lived there.  That is the story of the dragon fly in the gum tree.

Dardo, aged 7


It would appear our seven year old students are battling it out for who can write the most stories.  It was only the beginning of the year these young lads showed a complete terror of putting their thoughts on paper, or even bringing them out into the real world.  They were afraid people would not enjoy them; would find them silly; would laugh at their efforts; say they couldn’t spell; etc.  All this going on in the head of a seven year old, is it any wonder boys do not like to write?

Yes, some of these stories are silly, peculiar or may not make sense but writers call upon their experience when they put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboards).  We are asking our young students to use their imagination to replace their experience just as long as they over come their fear and begin to write.  Can you imagine what a writer will be like in years to come when he can build his imagination upon his experience.

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