Nelly’s and Lucya’s adventure to Mongolia – by Robby (Aged 12)

(Our writing tutor enjoys stretching the abilities of our young writers.  Robby is new to these writing exercises and it is surprising how well the young lads take to these tasks once their confidence is up.  Today they worked on making complex sentences.  How do you think he went?)

Nelly’s and Lucya’s adventure to Mongolia

BridgeThirty years ago, back in the 1980s, in the border between Russia and Mongolia, two sisters had a snow ball fight.  Winter made fifteen year old Nelly and thirteen year old Lucya so happy because they both had fun having snow ball fights and building snow men. One day the sisters went on an adventure and crossed the border into Mongolia at the town of Tashanta in an old white truck on the rough rocky track. When girls’ father Olag told them about the Bridge of Death he was smiling but when they got there, they screamed all the way over the old broken bamboo poles that stretched across the river where it had ripped a big hole in the road. When they arrived in Mongolia they told all their new friends about the Bridge of Death and how to fight with snow balls.

Robbie (Aged 12)

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