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The Golden Touch – Geoffrey (aged 10)

White Christmas decorationIn 2017 at the Calopudib Sanctuary, a boy started glancing at a unique plant that looked like gold. The little boy was a curious botanist and when he gazed at the plant he said, “Amazing, what is it?” He looked in his plant book and whispered, “Nothing? That is preposterous” and then he gently harvested a petal for studying. It turned into a bar of solid gold and the petal grew back which made him confused but now very rich. The gold plant from Calopudib Sanctuary made that diminutive boy the man he is today-Bill Gates.

Geoffrey (aged 10)

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The Girl and the Dragon – Jemima (aged 8)

Red DragonOne day a little girl was on her computer in her bedroom and then a ROAR was coming from the cave under her house.  She went to the cave under her bedroom and she saw some flames.  Putting one foot and another foot forward, she saw a dragon that was all red and orange.  The girl became friends with the dragon and gave him a lollipop and the dragon gave her a star.  That day the little girl went to her bed room with her nice pretty star.

by Jemima (aged 8)

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The Rainbow Fish – Jack (aged 10)

Rainbow FishAt dawn deep in the ocean a submarine and ship collided attracting all the fish, especially the rainbow fish.  This curious fish swam up to the submarine and looked for an entrance.  He found a small crack and swam in.  He heard noises from inside a vault.  The noises startled him so he swam away quickly, accidentally bumping a lever.  To the sound of air rising, he realized that the submarine was resurfacing so he swam away.  Early in the morning the ocean was filled with cheers of relief.

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The Photographer – Callum (Aged 11)

BurglarLate at night as the wind howled, the amateur photographer remained silent in the garden. Even though he was frightened he scraped through the opened window, crept down the dark corridor and found the combination safe where he knew his equipment was being stored. Hastily he considered his options. Last year he practised in the gym and he was strong. He picked up the safe and sprinted with a big grin on his face.

Callum (Aged 11)

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Tuition Tip – Did You Know…

Tuition Logo…that most learners will forget the last four weeks of learning over the six weeks of Christmas break?  Pretty much everything learned in November is lost by the time they go back to school in January/February.

Six weeks is a long time to have a break from learning and I doubt young minds require so much recovery time.  As I come from a sports training background I know that such a break from training for a sports person would be detrimental to their abilities and performance.  That is why professional sports people do not take a break, they alter how they train.

I have witnessed the downfalls in people achieving weight loss because they cannot gain any momentum on their weight loss program.  There was always something preventing them getting up a full head of steam on their weight loss project; birthdays, work functions, anniversaries, weddings, parties, etc..  It may be the same for our students in the education system.  There appears to be so many things that prevent our students building up momentum in their learning progress; public holidays (about 12 days per year), school holidays (about 12 weeks per year), student free days (at least one after every school break), athletics sports day, swimming day, excursions to …., school camps (1 or 2 weeks per year), …

That is why we run holiday programs for our clients.  To us learning is so important to the development of the child that we give tuition hours away to ensure our students return to school not having forgot what they learned in the last month and a half of school but are advanced on what they know.


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Sparrow – Dardo (aged 8)

SparrowOnce there was a bird in the Amazon Forest.  He was a sparrow who had very big wings so he could glide three miles. One day when he was chasing an electric eel he got stuck in an underwater cave and couldn’t breathe until he swam up to the dry land.  He began to explore the amazing cave system but soon he got completely lost and began to cry miserably for help.  A vampire bat flying out of the cave rescued the relieved sparrow.

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The Very Cheeky Mouse – Jemima (aged 7)

mouseIn the morning the mouse was in a dark, dark forest. She had pretty pink ears and she wore a black t-shirt, a red bow and black and red pants. When she woke up she had cheese for breakfast. After eating she put on her cheeky clothes and went outside and poked her tongue out at the teachers at school. At night she put on her pyjamas and slept in the very, very dark forest.

Jemima (aged 7)

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Tuition Tips – Difficulties With The Eyes

Eye TrackingThe Eyes Have It When 5 + 1 = 5

Some students are behind at school through no fault of their own.  They look at the work and do not understand what is going on.  They ask themselves “Why am I the only person in this class who doesn’t get this?”  Eventually they begin to believe “I must be a real dummy I just don’t understand why I keep getting this wrong!”  Their self-confidence disintegrates and at times their behaviour will follow.  After all “What is the point of turning up every day if I can’t learn this?”

What is happening with this student?  What would happen if you saw the number zero as a one?  For one thing sometimes five plus one will equal six and other times it will equal five.  When you are in primary school and just learning about numbers and maths things will become confusing almost incomprehensible.  You won’t understand why sometimes ten is ten and sometimes it is eleven. Everything will become an exercise in guess work for you.  These students will also have trouble seeing decimal points and fractions are just another language when your eyes skip over the line between the numerator and denominator.

That’s just maths.  When they read “was” can become “saw” and whole lines are skipped because the eyes didn’t see the line to read it. By the time they are Year 7 their reading comprehension is extremely low and there are gaps in their mathematics understanding because fractions and decimals don’t exist.

Eye Tracking issues occur when the two eyes do not move smoothly and accurately across a line or from word to word.  The student will often lose their place while reading, skip lines, misread short words as in “was” and “saw” and cut off the beginnings and endings of words.

Eye tracking issues are usually corrected by visiting a Behavioural Optometrist who tests for the condition and prescribes glasses that are worn until the condition is corrected.  Normal optometrists do not usually check or test for this condition so if your student has glasses and their school work has not improved it may be time to visit the specialist.

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Christmas Day – Jack (aged 10)

ChristmasOne snowy Christmas morning at her uncle’s farm a young girl called Karen felt magic in the air as she watched her cousins opening their presents.  The adopted ten-year-old girl had never before spent Christmas with a family of her own because her parents were killed in a warzone and her uncle and aunt didn’t even know she existed until two months before.  All Christmas day, Karen hoped that someone would remember to give her a gift but all she really wanted to do was spend the day with her new family.  After lunch her uncle and aunt asked her to go outside where she saw a pink and yellow float arrive and a beautiful pony trotted out. “Happy Christmas Karen,” exclaimed her uncle and aunt.

by Jacko

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The Elf’s Journey – Steffi (aged 9)

elfIn the North Pole just before Christmas, the eves were busy wrapping presents for big and small children.  The smallest elf worked very hard like all the others but he could stretch so that he could stack the highest presents on the very top of the gift mountain.  One day he stretched so high, he reached up out of the factory where he saw the world and was interested to find out more.  He packed his bags, took a reindeer and sped off across the ice, over the mountains until he reached the edge of Greenland.  Instantly he missed all the other elves and wondered if they were thinking about him too.

by Steffani (aged 9)

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