The Little Bear – Jemima (aged 7)

Little BearOne day a little bear named Mia didn’t know what to do in winter so she went to her mum and said  “Mummy what do we do in winter?”  Mia was a little brown bear with a beautiful flower behind her ear and Mia’s mum was a big nice pretty bear who loved to make blue berry pie for herself and Mia to eat.  The day after Mia asked her mum what they do in winter, Mia said “Where are the other bears going?” and her mum said “They are going to hibernate in a big cave and we are going too.”  Then Mia said “We need to go now mum please” and her mum said “OK then let’s go to our cave where your dad is.”  One day a little bear went to her cave with her mum and dad and hibernated in a big dark cave.

By Jemima (aged 7)

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