“Framed” by Emlyn (aged 11)

hot-springsIt was Friday, October 21, 2016 when two youthful men who were happily relaxing in the depths of the bubbling basalt-lava rock pools in Hilo in the Big Island of Hawaii, heard gunshots.  Sib, who was raised in New Orleans, and Oliver, a famous Russian boxer, soon found themselves in colossal trouble when they were thrown into a truck heading off to jail.   Five minutes into their journey, on the edge of a steep cliff, the back wheels were shot, a bomb blew the rear doors off the truck and they were hauled out of captivity by two mysterious men.  The strangers took them to a cave inside the volcano because they thought they were rescuing the people shooting at the rock pools.  Sib and Oliver wondered if they could get out alive.

Emlyn (aged 11)

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