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The Dragon That Awoke – Luca (aged 12)

DragonLong ago when dragons ruled the world, a big blue egg cracked open and Fredrich emerged in a cave. He was a big, black dragon with red eyes and razer-sharp fangs.  The first thing he did was cause mayhem on the town people because it was in his dragon blood to do such a thing.  Next he ate 12 people, 4 sheep and one rabbit.  Long ago when dragons ruled, a young dragon called Fredrich fell asleep.

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The Dark Dragon – by Gordon (aged 9)

DragonIn the windy sky late in the afternoon, a red scary dragon was looking down on the desert.  This dragon was calmly flying for food and enjoying the view.  Just then he saw a mouse and he swooped down for the mouse with his claws that were sharp.  A huge wind broke his control but then the wind stopped.  The dragon had lost his confidence.  The dragon late at night went away.
Gordon (aged 9)

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