Wendy (mother of Ethan) – “Our son had been falling behind in Maths for some time and this became more evident upon entering year 8 at High School”

“Trying to help Ethan at home was becoming stressful, we knew we needed help.  Finding Peter and Lynette was an instant relief, from the very start we felt confident in their ability to help Ethan.  The initial assessment process was informative and very quickly they were able to evaluate Ethan’s learning style and customise a learning program.

At the end of every session we were provided with a summary of the tutoring session and given encouragement.  Their creative approach has been very much appreciated and made the entire experience enjoyable. 

Ethan completed an intense 8 months of tutoring.  In that time we have seen Ethan’s confidence grow immensely, so much so that I had other parents comment on his newfound confidence.  Ethan has now caught up with his year level and has become a capable math student.  

I would like to thank Peter and Lynette for their help, dedication and patience.  Their commitment to helping Ethan has made the world of difference. I highly recommend the services offered by Peter and Lynette to any family feeling the stress of school challenges.”

Fiona (mother of Rhys) – “I would like to take this opportunity to give you some positive feedback for your Tuition program.

“Prior to my son attending the Tuition centre he had failed mathematics for 2 1/2 years and now after 3-4 months in the programme he has improved exceptionally.  His teacher has advised me that he is progressing really well and is at the standard for his year, there has been no evidence of his prior struggles which she was actually unaware of.  Rhys now enjoys mathematics and is always keen to answer the teacher’s maths questions in class. My husband and I are extremely impressed and thankful to Peter and Lynette, they have not only improved Rhys academically but also mentally as he loves mathematics and is always eager go to tutoring.”

Melanie – “We are extremely happy with the service and progress our daughter is making”

“Both Peter and Lynette have a wonderful way with the children. Our daughter has responded very well to their techniques and loves the individualised attention she receives from both teachers. The tailor made programs are specific to the individual children and ideal to our daughter’s needs. I would and have recommended the Tuition centre to my friends.”

Julie S. –  My 12 year old son Tim has been attending the Tuition Centre since October last year.”

“After his initial assessment we learned that he was around 3 years behind in most areas of the National Curriculum.  With the guidance of Peter and Lynette Tim has caught up with the curriculum. This astonishing and overwhelming feat has taken place in less than 7 Months! Tim’s grades have improved beyond measure.  The knock on affect has been a massive shift in his attitude and belief in himself.  As a parent I could not be more grateful.”

Natasha – “Mitchell is so proud of his trophy”

“Mitchell is so proud of his trophy. It has not left his side since he got home, he’s taken it to scouts tonight and is taking it to school tomorrow. Thank you so much for making tutoring an exciting thing for him to do where his hard work is rewarded and acknowledged.”

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