Pricing & Policy

All tuition is performed in small groups of 2 – 3 students in our Tuition Room at Ferny Hills.

Assessment – $48.00

Every student is assessed before commencing tuition to establish the last point they worked with confidence.  This gives us a starting point for tuition so we can develop a plan to bring them aligned with the class by building on that confidence.  This assessment, performed by Lynette, will at times highlight learning problems caused by such issues as tracking problems with the eyes.  The assessment takes approximately 90 minutes (45 minutes with the student and 45 minutes feedback to the parent).

Tuition Small Group – $40.00/hour (Term block price); $33.00/hour (Early Bird Price)

Tuition is purchased in 10 Week Term blocks, being the average number of weeks allocated for a Queensland State School Term.  The price for a Term block of tuition is calculated on hours per week of attendance multiplied by ten.

Early Bird Price: Tuition is paid in full (one payment) by due date.

All purchased blocks expire at the end of Term.

Tuition Cost Per Term (based on 10 week terms)

  • 1 hour per week       = $400 ($330 due Early Bird Price)/Term block (Minimum purchase)
  • 1.5 hours per week  = $600 ($495 Early Bird Price)/Term block
  • 2 hours per week     = $800 ($660 Early Bird Price)/Term block
  • 2.5 hours per week  = $1000 ($825 Early Bird Price)/Term block
  • 3 hours per week     = $1200 ($990 Early Bird Price)/Term block
  • 3.5 hours per week  = $1400 ($1155 Early Bird Price)/Term block (recommended for older students only)
  • 4 hours per week     = $1600 ($1320 Early Bird Price)/Term block (recommended for older students only)

As tuition is during the school Term students are expected (barring exceptional circumstances) to attend each week of the Term.  No unpaid time slots will be reserved for students who are unable to attend each week.  They will be made available to students desiring those time slots.

It is our goal to have your child aligned with their class as soon as possible so missed appointments must be made up.  If your son or daughter is unable to attend at their normal time then it is advisable to make a  Catch-Up appointment to ensure you do not lose the hours at the end of the Term.

*By purchasing tuition you have purchased an allocated appointment time each week that is not transferable.  For this reason we have allocated Catch Up time to assist with unforeseen events.

One on One Tuition is available by appointment.  Please call for details.

All Tuition Is By Appointment

Because of demand for this style of tuition your student will be booked in at regular appointment times each week.  Other students will be attending later that afternoon so we ask that appointment times are closely adhered to.  A student who runs fifteen minutes late has a roll on effect for the other students who follow.  Appointment times cannot be altered or transferred without prior agreement.

Cancellation/Missed  Appointments – Re-scheduling of appointment is required to ensure hours (and fees) are not lost.

If you are unable to make your appointment we ask that you notify us as soon as possible so we may book you in for the Catch-Up appointment.

School Holidays

The Tuition Room is closed for school holidays though arrangements may be made for special programs or tuition to existing clients.

Contact us now for more details:

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