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Peter – Tutoring Prep to Year 8 for Maths & Reading

Each step through life presents us with a choice as to which path we should take.

Portrait Colour 8 Web.jpgNo experience has filled me with more pleasure than helping a young student who has lost their academic way back onto the path of learning.  When a student leaves I watch an individual walk out the door with choices being given back to them.  Choices are important because they are the paths of life

My Story

My adult steps started with five years in a Managerial cadetship with a Fibre Container (read cardboard box) manufacturing company in West End, Brisbane.

A step to the right and the path took me for eleven years with the Queensland Police Service where I spent eight of those years working with the Fingerprint Bureau and North Brisbane Scenes of Crime unit.  Exciting and challenging stuff hunting for those who did not want to be found and the invisible (that would be the fingerprints).  I had the opportunity to train young SOCOs (Scenes of Crime Officers) in the methodical science of crime scene examination.

A slight step to the left and I was down the path of working for the Queensland Ambulance Service (just couldn’t stay out of uniforms) while I studied for my Diploma of Health Science (Nutrition) and obtained my Certificate IV of Fitness (Personal Training).

A leap to the front brought me into the land of small business as I decided to use my new found knowledge to earn some money.  As a personal trainer/nutritionist I found my tasks numerous and varied, everything from cleaning the toilets of my own gym through to being the opening speaker at a national weight loss convention.  I preferred the speaking.   I worked with weight loss groups as their guest speaker and coach for many years (from 1996) and still give the occasional lecture.  These years and experiences gave me the knowledge to develop the free weekly on-line weight loss course that appears on my website www.xtramileweightloss.com .

My entrepreneurial skills in fitness were interrupted for four years as I worked with my wife in her tuition business.  This ignited a new passion I did not know I had and that was tutoring primary school children in maths.  My experience gained from motivating adults to exercise was transferred to motivating students to learn (and the latter is easier).

You just never know what path life will take you down, even if you have a plan.

Lynette – Tutoring Prep to Year 8 maths & reading; high school English and assignment writing; preparing students for Shakespeare

LynetteOnce I was a poster designer and illustrator.  While I was researching my doctorate, I ran a small poster business called Mantis Prints, specializing in political posters.  Mantis was supplied with endless colourful material and clients because those were the days when Johannes Bjelke-Petersen was the premier of  Queensland and of there was one thing you could never accuse Sir Joh of being, it was of being boring!

In my next incarnation I was an academic and began the climb from tutor to Senior University Lecturer in history. I published books and articles on urban health, history of childhood and political propaganda.

Then it was back to the world of small business.  I owned an after-school tuition business while continuing to research, publish and edit books and articles.

Now I am a writing tutor.  In the mornings I tutor adult clients, showing them how to turn their family history research into stories and how to create beautiful books based on their family history.  In the afternoons I help Peter in the tuition room as the after school students work on their maths and reading.

In June this year, of my new book Fixing Antarctica will be published. It is a biography of Syd Kirkby, an extraordinary man who surveyed enormous tracts of Antarctica.

We also help to set up tuition room for charities, organisations and those who want to earn an extra income tutoring from home.

Peter Kenyon working with students

One of our projects for 2013 was setting up the successful tuition centre at a charity organisation in North Brisbane. 

Setting up tuition centres for charities and organisations is one of those unexpected exciting paths you can find yourself on. 

Helping an organisation to become financially independent is almost as exciting as teaching a child the joys of learning.

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