Hard Work Pays Off



School is well and truly under way and while some students had trouble adjusting to the new year a small group of them took it in their stride with new confidence.

This group of students was invited to attend a two week intensive tuition catch-up session during the Christmas break.  Initially they were not too happy about attending, after all it was the holidays, but we thought they would benefit from the intensive program designed to better prepare them for the new year.

Each of the students needed to move closer to being aligned to the school curriculum as they were moving into secondary education.  As it turned out most of them covered the equivalent of one year of school maths during those two weeks and all were happy to be at school understanding the maths they are being taught this year.

Every student who attended deserves a huge pat on the back for their efforts.  It never ceases to amaze me what a child will achieve when given the correct environment and opportunity.


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