Piper the Piglet – Jemima (aged 9)

Cartoon pig play in mudOne sunny Monday, Piper the piglet jumped to read the newspaper which said that the Pigalimpiks were on today.

She told her family that she was going so she jumped over the fence and ran to the Pigalimpiks, where the first competition was Jump the Turtles; the second was Bunny Racing, the third was Catch the Stick, the fourth was Roll in the Mud and last was Jump Over the Fence.

Her first jump was small, her second was a bit tall and her third was really big so she jumped it and the others were stuck.

She saw the score board and it said: Piper: 1. 10 points; 2. 10 points; 3. 9 points; 4. 10 points, 5. 20 points and she screamed “I won!” and she got a very big trophy so she ran home, jumped the fence and had a big celebration. Piper and her family watched the stars and went to bed with the trophy.

Jemima (aged 9)

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