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“The Santa Clown” by Sebastian (aged 11)

Santa.jpgOn Christmas Eve, the McDermids decided to go to the shopping centre to buy presents. They already knew what they wanted to buy from watching television. Mr. and Mrs. McDermid saw Santa at the shopping centre and pointed, but the children thought he was a scary clown. They wanted to go straight home and that night, when they should have been asleep, the children got up to wait for Santa. It was the scary clown who came down the chimney with some presents.

Seb, aged 11. 

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“The Dream” by Gabby (aged 13)

Charlies RhinoRyan the Rhino had one mission in life and that was to become an undercover member of Charlie’s Angels. The problem was he couldn’t shoot a gun, he was too big and he was not agile on his feet at all. At the Charlie’s Angels course, the gun slipped from his hand and when he bent down, a huge crack meant he had a tear in his pants and the whole class cracked up. His cheeks flamed bright red and he stomped out of the room, which showed the Angels that he was not light on his feet. A trainer said to him, “Ryan, I’m sorry but you can’t be an angel”, but Ryan never gave up his dream of joining Charlie.

Gabby, aged 13. 

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The Nice Teacher at the Fete – Jemima (aged 8)

TeacherWhen the last sounds of the Children’s laughter for the good chapel service faded away, Miss Lenet cleaned up her classroom for the toy shop at the fete.  She was the kindest teacher in the school and every kid liked her.  That night a robber stole all the toys in the class room.  The next morning she didn’t know what to do.  The older kids that were in her class a long time ago heard about it and they made toys which they took to their old teacher for the shop.  At the fete the kids laughed all day.

By Jemima (Aged 8)

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