This was the result of a creative writing game we ran at our tuition room.  You can see how the game was run on the Study Tools page under Creative Writing Game.  The following result was the final product of our maths tutor, Peter.

Neither Uncle Tom nor Georgina were ever able to explain how they got themselves locked in the Veterinary Surgery overnight.

old_manUncle Tom was a confusing old man who wore round spectacles on a round face on top of a round body.  A lot of him moved when he laughed at his own jokes.  Georgina had known him all her life and at five years old that was a long time.  Her short fuzzy red hair and chubby pink cheeks made them look like a pair of clowns when they walked down the street.

In total terror she now clung to her uncle’s large leg while all around dogs howled, cats hissed and parrots screeched.  The room was totally black and smelled of anti-septic.  The noise was deafening and would surely wake the dead thought Georgina.  Now she had something else to worry about.  She squeezed tighter on her uncle’s leg.

‘This is going to be a long night’ thought Uncle Tom, holding Georgina close to him as they huddled under the Vet’s table.  This adventure was not going as he had planned.  All night long they huddled and shivered and the animals screeched and cried.  Not once did they or the animals sleep.  Georgina kept vigilant in case any of the dead were also awake.

From somewhere outside the safety of the vet’s table came a loud thump, and the darkness disappeared.  Victor the Vet stood in the doorway, ‘That should teach you a lesson not to sneak into the animals sleeping room again Tom!’

‘So you knew all the time!’ cried Tom in amazement.

‘Yes we did.’ Bellowed Margaret, Tom’s wife and Georgina’s aunt.  ‘That should cure both of you of sneaking out at night.  How do you feel now Thomas?’

‘You better get out a bottle of your parsnip wine mother, I’m going to need it.’

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