The Giant Trap! – by Abbie (aged 10)

little girlGeorgina rushed into the veterinary surgery when the sun was rising. The grand-daughter of Uncle Tom, she was a pretty girl but she was always into mischief.  Uncle Tom was a good old man who loved his grand-daughter but he had many secrets that he never told people.

With a wild yell, Uncle Tom rushed into the veterinary surgery but he could not see Georgina anywhere. He got out his blue phone and started to call her but he couldn’t get hold of her.

“Thump! Thump! Thump” heard Uncle Tom. He looked behind him and ‘Bang!” he was gone!  A little while later he found himself in a black dark room where he found Georgina.

“How did you find me?” said Georgina.

“Well, I heard you scream because I was next door at the sports shop,” he replied. Uncle Tom had something secret in his mind.

Two hours later…

“Who were those people who made me scream?” asked Georgina.

“My boss, the man I work for,” said Uncle Tom.

‘So you knew all along and you did not tell me,” said Georgina in surprise.

“Well I saw you running along the fields and I rang up my boss and said that we should frighten you so I did,” said Uncle Tom, being proud of himself.  Just then ‘bang!” Uncle Tom was hit by a frying pan. The person who threw it was Georgina’s mother!  Georgina was so proud to see her. Her mother put down the pan and they all went home to bed.

Abbie (aged 10)

This story was the result of a creative writing game played at our tuition room during the school holidays.  The process for the game may be located under Creative Writing Game on our Study Tools page.  Our maths Tutor participated with Abbie on this exercise.  You can read his story – Caught! 

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