The Mystery – by Oscar (aged 8)

hikerA boy named Dean was walking in the morning on a steep mountain because he was trying to get away from thinking about money. While he walked, he met Major Walnut.

Dean asked Major Walnut ‘Is money good or bad?’

Major Walnut said ‘Money is the main thing.’

Dean and major Walnut saw a pretty girl who was in trouble.  She was in danger.  Dean said to Major Walnut “What is going on around here? I just met you and now a pretty girl is in trouble and now the bad men are holding on to her?”

The girl was smiling.  She had pink cheeks which were very bright.  Silently she said “Thank you very much.” She hugged the two blokes, Dean and Major Walnut.

‘We are a pair of heroes!’ laughed the two friends as they said ‘good bye’ to the girl.

Oscar (aged 8)

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