The Ruffians – by Jacko (aged 10)


Early one scorching summer day, on a narrow mountain path, two travellers were in search of extra money.  Their names were Dean and Major Walnut.

Dean asked “Why are we out here?” and in response Major Walnut said ‘Because money’s the main thing.”

On their journey up the mountain, they came across a village in trouble.  They asked what was going on.  “The woman elder has been taken by ruffians” they were told.

Apparently the ruffians were green with envy and told the villagers that they were going to treat the elder cruelly if they were not given the village treasures.

A year later, after the rescue had been successful, the woman elder was so grateful she sighed and said “I will reward you for the rest of your life”

Jacko (aged 10)

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