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The Blacksmith – Jack (aged 10)

blacksmithAs the village woke to the sound of a rundown crow the sun started its slow journey across the sky.  A fire started in the grimy blacksmith’s shop as a poor but honest man began his dawn to dust effort.  He passed a dirt encrusted window and in the corner of his eye observed the familiar castle that loomed over the poor village and was surrounded by a ten metre stone wall.  An old widow draped in a thread bear sack begged the blacksmith to fix her rusty hole-ridden cauldron.  “I can’t pay you.”  she said, but the blacksmith followed quickly by saying “Pay me when you can.”  As she hobbled away the blacksmith sighed and thought to himself that the only reason the village could not pay for his services was because of the dreadful king’s exorbitant taxes.

by Jack (aged 10)

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Christmas Day – Jack (aged 10)

ChristmasOne snowy Christmas morning at her uncle’s farm a young girl called Karen felt magic in the air as she watched her cousins opening their presents.  The adopted ten-year-old girl had never before spent Christmas with a family of her own because her parents were killed in a warzone and her uncle and aunt didn’t even know she existed until two months before.  All Christmas day, Karen hoped that someone would remember to give her a gift but all she really wanted to do was spend the day with her new family.  After lunch her uncle and aunt asked her to go outside where she saw a pink and yellow float arrive and a beautiful pony trotted out. “Happy Christmas Karen,” exclaimed her uncle and aunt.

by Jacko

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Stories For Boys – By Jack (aged 10)

At midnight behind the enemy lines under a full moonlight sky, two ragged figures stood in the shadows.  The British spies behind the general’s office were feeling nervous and in danger.  It had taken them four days on rough seas to arrive undetected in the middle of a freezing winter night.

They were sent overseas and under cover to receive vital information on the Germans’ military strategy.  On that night behind the office these two men discovered information that would win them the war.

By “The Jackster”, aged 10

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To Neverland – by Jacko (aged 10)

chinese_boy_iconLate one dark and dingy night soaring high through the clouds above the Indian Ocean was a China baby on a magical carpet with an owl called whisper.  The magical carpet worshipped the China  baby because this young child was definitely no ordinary child.  He was the son of a king and the richest man alive.  The baby travelled once a year on the magical a carpet to a land called Neverland.  The baby was so happy and could not wait to reach the land.  Sparks of joy hit his heart as he reached the island in hope for hours of joy.  After he plays he and whisper are back in the sky soaring high through the clouds over the Indian Ocean.

Jacko (aged 10)

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