The Day Rosie Ran Into The Bush by Oscar (aged 7)

CatOn Oscar’s birthday your cat ran into a bush where there were spiders and paddy melons.  The cat was a Chinese cat who was brown and furry under the belly.  Rosie the cat saw a paddy melon and so she ran into a home.  In the house lived a family named The Clays and Mr Clay got a wet mop and swept the cat outside.  Next time Oscar has a birthday the cat won’t run into the bush.

By Oscar – aged 7

Year two in school and what a year of change is expected in our children.  One year ago they were flat out possessing the manual dexterity to control a pencil to write the alphabet.  One year on and they have to learn to formulate letters into words while constructing sentences into a story they are hearing in their head.  How difficult is this?

As adults we, thankfully, have no memory of these difficult years but if you want to put this process into perspective learning to write a short story is about as difficult as learning to approach an intersection in a manually driven car.  Think about this process for a minute – approach the intersection; foot off the accelerator and onto the brake to slow down; revs falling in the motor and now I have to change gear; still slowing and have to do it again; check the intersection as you approach ….. well you get the idea.

We all learn how to drive and eventually we all learn how to write, it just takes time and confidence with a few mistakes along the way.  Time we have, the confidence we gain from those around us.

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