Spider Monkey by Dardo (aged 7)

MonkeyAt night in the big Amazon forest the spider monkey hunted.  He went looking for a praying mantis to eat for lunch.  He found one but it was too big to catch for his lunch.  It was scary to catch so he went on looking with his tummy rumbling.

The  end.

Dardo – Aged 7

 “It’s alright, I don’t need you to watch me,” said young Dardo the day he sat down to write his story.   Dardo used to have a lot of trouble writing and it was very frustrating for him.  Now he loves it as he is choosing quite complex words and getting very close to the correct spelling as he sounds out the words he has chosen and writes them at the same time.  Off and running with his new creative skills Dardo is progressing in leaps and bounds writing great little stories that no longer need a translator to understand.  Well Done Mister Dardo.

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