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“F” is for Foundations

Christmas is over and school is back! What is next for your student?

TeacherWell, if your child was an average student last year chances are they will be an average student this year.  If they struggled with maths last year they will probably be struggling with maths this year.  Nothing changes unless something changes.  What has to change to improve your child’s grades?

The first thing that must change is someone’s attitude.  Children are children and they will not change unless they are give a reason to change.  Telling them to do better or to change their ways will probably not get the result you, as a parent, desire mainly because they do not know how to change.  They are children, they are young, and therefore have a limited frame of reference when it comes to change.  They have to be taught how to change.  At this stage the biggest change has to be in you as a parent.  You have to make the decisions for them, and then guide them along the path.

One of the biggest problems I see in the students who attend tuition is they have problems with weak foundations.  They simply do not know their multiplication tables up to their year level and they do not have in place a memory of subtraction and addition of the numbers up to twenty (20).   No matter how well a student understands the mathematical concept they are being taught at school, if they can’t perform the foundations I spoke about they will not be able to solve the maths problem.  Continually getting the wrong answer whittles away their confidence.

Every student who attends our tuition spends at least ten minutes of every hour building upon their foundation knowledge.  You cannot have lasting structure without strong foundations.

You can find some tools to help with learning the foundations of maths by following this link to Study Tools

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“The Job” by Gabby (aged 13)

baboonA baboon woke up in his gold-covered bed and thought to himself, “I think I will become a nurse.”  Gregory went to the internet, searched www.getajob.com and found his dream job.  Two weeks later he got a call from a man with bad news. “We don’t employ baboons,” the man said.   “I say, that’s discrimination,” said Gregory in his gold-covered bed.

Gabby (aged 13)

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“Antboy to the Rescue” by Tex (aged 6)

antboyIn the middle of the night Antboy woke up in his big bed, in his big house, under the river. He’s a superhero who knew his ant friends were in trouble when they rang for help.  He grabbed his super hero axe and sword, jumped into his superhero ant-boat and sped to guess where?  Ant City.  Antboy used his axe and sword to knock the tooth out of the evil spikey anteater who was scaring his ant friends.  The evil spikey anti-eater ran away, his ant friends went home and Antboy went back to his big bed.

Tex. (aged 6)

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The Bad Day – Jemima (aged 7)

KoalaOne day a pretty koala climbed out of her eucalyptus tree, chewed some leaves and had a baby koala.  She named her baby Alexandra and together they went on a walk to visit their friend Jemima the possum and found her in the tree house having tea.  Alexandra and her mum were about to go home but the house was on fire and so they waited.  Three minutes later Jemima found a new house near a lovely waterfall, squeezed inside and they all had leaves for lunch.  One day Jemima and Alexandra and her mum played.

by Jemima (aged 7)

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